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Hired in Hell  is  a squad-based Real Time Strategy game currently under development by Toasted Bath Games, a team of five Swedish university students studying at Uppsala University.

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You can follow our development closer on our blog, twitter and discord all linked below.


@BathToasted (Twitter)

https://discord.gg/CEUCQWw (Discord)

Patch Notes:


  • Clients don't get kicked for cheating when trying to unequip their units.
  • Added recall and respawn.
  • Minor graphical bug fixes.


  • Loadouts added, three weapons are available.


  • Units can now die.


  • You no longer have to double right click to move.


  •  First demo, very buggy


1, 2, 3 and 4 to select units.

Right click to move to a location or target an enemy for attack.

Q to sprint (10 second cooldown).

B to recall (you need to recall to respawn your dead units).

Left click can also be used to select units.

Use WASD to move the camera and the Mouse Wheel to zoom.


You win the game by killing all enemy units or by reducing the enemy player's tickets to 0. 

The enemy player's tickets are reduced based on the number of capture points you control.

Take control of capture points by having your units stand on them.

Install instructions

Unzip the game.

Run HiredInHell.exe

Either host or join a friend. The game currently only supports ip join so you have to port forward or use software like hamachi. We are planning on implementing a better system in the future.


Hired in Hell 0.3.0.zip 224 MB

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